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Customer Referral Program Terms and Conditions
1. Only existing DriveNow Leasing customers qualify for payout.
2. Former DriveNow Leasing customers qualify only if they have successfully completed a lease with DriveNow Leasing.
3. Class 8 vehicles only.
4. No limit on the number of referrals.
5. Payout triggered when DriveNow Leasing enters into a new lease agreement with the prospect and the prospect takes possession of the Class 8 vehicle.
6. Any prospects that DriveNow Leasing is already in discussions with are exempt from payout.
7. If the same prospect is referred by more than one customer, only the first customer referrer receives credit.
8. Referrals must be submitted directly by the customer via a DriveNow Leasing web page and include acceptance of program terms and conditions to remain valid.
9. Payout is defined as $500.00 each signed lease agreement and prospect taking possession of Class 8 vehicle.
10. The payout will be awarded in the form of a gift card.
11. Please allow 6-8 weeks from latter of: a) date the lease agreement is signed, or b) date the prospect takes possession of Class 8 vehicle for payout fulfillment.
12. Promotion qualifications are subject to DriveNow Leasing definition and verification.
13. Referral program offer is ongoing.
14. DriveNow Leasing reserves the right to cancel or change the program at any time.
15. DriveNow Leasing reserves the right to decline any applicant based on DriveNow Leasing underwriting criteria or any other factors.
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